lundi 1 octobre 2012

An overview of the immune system; Power point (.ppt) presentation

Dear students,

It was a pleasure to meet with you for the first time this afternoon and for an overview of the immune system. Indeed, I wonder whether such an overview is of any help for you since some and may be all of you appeared quite familiar with this highly complex system. Anyway, if you are willing to look at the slides presented this afternoon, the link is:

Please, note that some slides are directly derived from the outstanding immunology course delivered by Dr.Colin R.A. Hewitt from the University of Leicester:

Some slides are derived from my favorite text book in immunology:

Cellular and Molecular Immunology (Seventh Edition)
A.K. ABBAS, A.H. LICHTMAN, S.PILLAI: Saunders-Elsevier, 2012

I take the opportunity of this message to say hello to Shiv Pillai, one of the co-author of this text book. In the eighties-nineties,we were together on the same floor at the Massacusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and I was used to meet Shiv late in the afternoon or at night in the corridors of our laboratories . Congratulations Shiv for your impressive achievements in science as well as for your contribution to my favorite book in immunology.

Best regards.


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